<aside> 🧠 Our mission at Surge is to build the human infrastructure to power the next generation of AI.


We’re building a platform that powers leading AI groups, including OpenAI, Anthropic, Meta, and Google, by providing high-quality human feedback data to evaluate and train their models. Surge was founded by former ML engineers focused on furthering the state of the art in AI through close collaboration with researchers. You will work directly with scientists to understand their needs and design optimal data collection paradigms, quality controls, and experimentation techniques to generate insightful, compelling, safe, and human-aligned model improvements.

As part of a small, rapidly growing team of former data scientists and ML experts from top tech companies, you will play a key role in advancing our objectives across the company. This is a unique opportunity to directly impact cutting-edge AI research.

What we're looking for:

Examples of problems we solve by partnering with researchers:

To apply, please email [email protected] with your background and interest in collaborating with Surge. We welcome personal projects and writings!